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In case you are wondering what the crap this is all about the state of Virginia took away my father’s share of his inheritance and gave it to the other family members. When I went to the commonwealth attorney for help I was told to go hire a lawyer. We do not have that kid of money to spend on something that should have been given to us in the first place – especially to a bunch of out of state people who have no ties here anyway. Why should we have to pay for their mistake and why can’t we get any help?

I have been posting this tale all over the internet and it is going to take a lot of exposure to get anyone to do anything. If you can help please do. Here is what I have been posting elsewhere.

Don’t let this happen to you.

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You may not realize this but you can be an innocent person and the justice system will turn on you and make you pay from your own pocket to fix their mistake.

Deuteronomy 27:19 ‘Cursed is he who distorts the justice due an alien, orphan, and widow.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amen.’

As an example I want to tell you about this will. The facts are wrong and the information is wrong and you can completely read it for yourself and see this if you read all the documents. We were misled in this entire affair and now because it has been through our perfect court system the powers that be will not go back and look at it unless we hire a lawyer. The story is below.

Look at it for yourself. Instrument #WF20140000116 Book w75 Page 1127 Scott County Courthouse, Gate City, Virginia .You should be able to get this from the courthouse online.

Some of the people involved may even be your neighbor. Or have a business in your area.

Let me tell you a little story so you can understand what I have been complaining about.

My grandmother dies.

We get a letter in the mail that says my brother and I are heirs to her estate along with her other sons and daughters. We never see the will or even asked to hear it or are told anything other than getting this letter that says we are heirs. Now what would you do? Does it not sound as if you are being taken care of? Suzie, the executor of the estate, never tells us one thing about we are not going to inherit anything, even though the will itself states that the family of any dead children are entitled to a share in the estate.

Teresa Powers has also signed off on this and said that all is correct and right as a backup administrator. Tony and Donnie also have signed off on this from what I can understand by being sons.

Going by the will my mother was the one who was supposed to be listed as the heir, not my brother and I. So they did not even get the heir correct and filed a false document with the court unless she was not eligible to inherit. And even of she was not my brother and I were still heirs and entitled to one share. And we were denied it for some reason that no one can tell us.

Item III:

In the event ANY of my children predeceases me then I direct that his or her share shall go to their surviving spouse and if there is not a surviving spouse, then their respective share shall go to their respective issue share and share alike.

So now we are talking fraud. For three years the executor of the estate, the lawyer and the court itself strung us along and gave our share of the money away to the rest of the family and we were never told ANYTHING until after
all of this was ran through the court.

And from what I am hearing from EVERYONE – 1 church and 1 MEDIA source included – is that they did nothing wrong.

Now what would YOU DO?

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Below is a pdf of the will and some other documents.

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