Big Moccasin Hosting .com Rules For Hosting Here

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I DO NOT own the server that you will be on. I rent space from a hosting company so I am NOT responsible for any files that you place on here. It is YOUR responsibility to make backups of your website and download them to YOUR home computer or other storage location just in case something fails. In the the event that something does happen I will provide you with the contact information for the service I use so you can contact them directly.

I DO NOT support the spamming of anyone and any reports that I get that your website is spamming will be taken seriously and can result in account suspension or worse. Use double optin for any signups and there should be no problems.

I DO NOT support any illegal actions being performed by you or your website and you can be suspended or worse. This hosting service obeys USA law and you are expected to abide by it or you can leave.

I DO NOT support the interruption of service for others on this shared system. If you or your website causes problems for others you may be asked to leave. This includes any programs that your website runs that hogs resources.

There may be more rules added at any time and it is YOUR responsibility to keep checking back here for changes to the rules.